Galaxi Taxi


Although ”Galaxi Taxi” is located in outer space, there are no cosmic superheroes, no malicious brains in jars, no shiny crystals burning enemies to ash, and no explosions (unless we count emotions). The universe feels more like an underfunded, homely village, with its share of vices, village savants and village idiots. There’s just a muddy Milky Way, broken heating, and cosmic gravel showering the taxi.

The three quarrelsome protagonists – the Alien (pilot), a stuffed clockwork Rabbit (engineer) and an apple Worm (navigator) – roam the universe in their rickety taxi searching for passengers. Every ride is nothing like they expected, evolving into a series of improbable, curious, sometimes even unfortunate events.

Every episode has a double ending, a twist appearing when the end credits are about to roll. This twist is usually a minor disaster for the three protagonists. What’s more, it turns out they run a money-losing business as their passengers always manage not to pay.